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Save Money With Insulation In Your Home

EPA estimates that homeowners can typically save up to 20% of heating and cooling costs (or up to 10% of total energy costs) by air sealing their homes and adding insulation in attics, floors over crawl spaces, and accessible basement rim joists.

According to energy star, in order to get the biggest savings, the easiest place to start is usually in the attic. A quick way to see if you need more insulation is to look across your uncovered attic floor. If your insulation is level with or below the attic floor joists, you probably need to add more. The recommended insulation level for most attics is R-38 (or about 12 – 15 inches, depending on type).

At Butler Air Solutions, we provide a variety of attic insulation and renovation solutions that take your home’s specific structure and energy efficiency needs into consideration. Let our team help you get the right insulation for your home and budget, and eliminate drafts and energy loss today.

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Radiant Barrier

Here in Florida, the benefits of attic radiant barriers include both dollar savings and increased comfort. Without a radiant barrier, your roof radiates solar-generated heat to the insulation and ductwork below it. The insulation and ductwork absorbs the heat and gradually transfers it to the material it touches, principally, the ceiling. This heat transfer makes your air conditioner run longer and consume more electricity.

A radiant barrier blocks up to 75% of ambient heat radiated from the sun from reaching the insulation and ductwork in your ceiling. In summer, when your roof gets very hot, a radiant barrier cuts air conditioning costs by blocking a sizable portion of the downward heat gain into the building. In the warm spring and fall, radiant barriers may save even more energy and cooling dollars by increasing your personal comfort. During these milder seasons, outdoor air temperatures are comfortable much of the time. Yet solar energy still heats up your roof, insulation, attic air, and ceiling to temperatures that can make you uncomfortably warm. An attic radiant barrier stops almost all of this downward heat transfer so that you can stay comfortable without air conditioning during mild weather.

Radiant barrier saves you financially while improving your comfort. In Florida, computer studies conducted in the development of the Florida Model Energy Code indicate that a typical attic radiant barrier installed in a Florida home will offer a six to seven year simple payback and a 15 percent to 19 percent return on investment. Call Butler Air Solutions today and let one of our team members show you how your home can become more energy efficient.

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